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Cavagna Group is a world leader manufacturer of equipment and component for controlling compressed gases. Founded in Italy in 1949, today Cavagna Group counts 18 production plants across the world and it serves its products in more than 145 countries. The Group has launched in the market a new brand: Greengear. Greengear produces a range of equipments using propane engines as power generators, water pumps, pressure washers and more. MOST 2414 has been commissioned to generate brand awareness of the Greengear products and LPG benefits in the Thai market through digital marketing strategies.

WHAT WE DID                       

Communication Consulting
Google Search Ads
Google Display Network
Facebook Management
Facebook Marketing
YouTube Advertising
Video Production
Graphic Design


+494% Facebook Likes
1.4 Million Facebook People Reached
3.2 Million Facebook Impressions

-20% CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
1.3 Million Google Ads Impressions
2.96% CTR (Clickthrough Rate)
+87% Website Traffic

21% YouTube Video View Rate
45,000 YouTube Views
35,000 Minutes Video Views on Facebook


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