Start selling to China via WeChat

Even if you don’t have a registered company in China, you can start selling in few weeks to inbound and outbound Chinese audience via cross-border payments on WeChat.

First, you have to apply for a WeChat Official Account and we support you since this stage.
A WeChat Official Account is an equivalent of a LINE OA or a Facebook Page, but with so many other integrated services in just one app: text-voice-video messaging, social networking, money transfers, cashless payments, booking and delivery services, e-commerce.

If your target is Chinese audience, currently in China or visiting a foreigner country for tourism or business, WeChat is a must-have channel for brands. You can target a potential audience of 900 million users of the most engaging platform in China.

MOST 2414 supports not-Chinese businesses to enter in the Chinese markets, or to reach audience there via social media and through targeted, efficient and creative digital marketing strategies.